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Kent to Host Mini Maker Faire

On Thursday, April 24th Kent will be hosting it's first Mini Maker Faire. A Maker Faire is a Show and Tell style expo for makers of all kinds. The event is meant to highlight creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness within the community. Makers can be anyone who have created something cool, including everyone from avid do-it-yourselfers to hardcore technology enthusiats. Makers can apply to showcase their creations here.

Botanical Gardens Show

Lucy McRae Workshop

Fashion Meets the Botanicals


The Kent State University Museum is joining forces with the Cleveland Botanical Garden to hold a fashion show/design competition for students on Saturday March 8th. The TechStyle Lab has been busy collaborating with students on their submissions. Above are some examples of student work for the event printed at the TechStyle Lab. 

Event Details

When? Saturday, March 8th
What time? 3pm-5pm
Where? 11030 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH, 44106
For reservations call the Kent State Museum at 330-672-3450. 
Reservations required by March 3rd
Tickets are $30

Innov8athon II: Fashion/Tech Hackathon Results

In first place came Miracle Sole by Mitch Gillespie. Gillespie, a physics student, came into the hackathon with no hardware experience at all. Overcoming the barrier of knowledge, he created Miracle Sole, a runner's shoe sole that can sense pressure from the foot when worn. His goal is to help runners improve their form by sensing which part of the foot hits the ground first. Gillespie walked away with $2000 for placing first, proving everyone can be successful in a hackathon. 

TechStyle Lab Welcomes New President Dr. Warren



Innov8athon II: Fashion/Tech Hackathon

Innov8athon II: Fashion/Tech Hackathon Director of the Fashion School, JR Campbell, welcoming students to the event. Students prepare to hack.






 Here is some inspiration that the TechStyleLAB wanted to show off.

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