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How To

Preparing files for Digital Printing/Exporting from Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle around one repeat area. It does not matter what color line or fill the
rectangle has.

2. Select the rectangle and go to the OBJECT menu, select CROP AREA, and select MAKE.

3. Crop marks will appear where the rectangle was - his is the area you will be exporting. If the rectangle was not in the right place, you can select RELEASE from the CROP AREA menu and adjust the rectangle - then select it again and make it a crop area.

4. Under the FILE menu, select EXPORT. A window will open where you can select what type of file you want to save. Export the file as a TIFF and once you click SAVE, another window will open with the options for saving as a TIFF.

5. Select RGB, resolution 150 or higher, and IBM PC format. DO NOT select anti-alias or LZW. As long as the repeat area repeats, this TIFF file is ready for digital printing.

Creating a straight repeat using an isolated image in Adobe Photoshop (or checking to see if you images can repeat)

1. Create, scan or import an image of an object that has a solid colored background into Adobe Photoshop.

2. Using the GUIDES, place horizontal and vertical guides around the entire image on the exact edge of each side.

3. Now select the entire image. Go to the SELECT MENU> SELECT ALL.

4. Once selected you need to copy the image. Go to EDIT MENU> COPY.

5. Once the image has been copied you will need to create space for your duplicate. Go to IMAGE MENU> CANVAS SIZE.

6. This will open up a dialogue box. Next to the width box you will see a drop down menu for size increments (inches, pixels, percent, etc.). Change the increments to PERCENT. Your size will change to 100% x 100%.

7. Change it to 200% in both width and height. Place the ANCHOR point in the upper left corner and make sure the CANVAS EXTENSION COLOR (at the bottom of the dialogue box) is set to white.

8. Now go to EDIT> PASTE.

9. Move the copy into the upper right corner and align with the image next to it using the guides. It should snap into place.

10. Repeat step 8 and place the next copy in the lower left and then another copy in the lower right. This will put your image into a repeat. It is also a way to check if you image is seamlessly repeatable.

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